Challenge Yourself!

Train you reaction, attention and memory!

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About Game

HologramReaction is created for you. A new and exciting game that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also improves your memory, reaction and attention. Our game consists of 5 unique mods. You need pick or guess the correct figure as quickly as possible. If you want the highest results, you'll need good reaction and attention.

  • The Mode : Classic

    We recommend to begin with this mod, because there you can quickly get used to the location of the buttons. In the beginning you will see one figure and you need as quickly as possible press the button to the respective figure. We remind you that with the times the speed of change of the figures will continue to grow!
  • The Mode : Advanced

    In this mod are the same rules as in the Classic, but it more complicated because the game begins with two figures at the same time and if you progress the speed of time increases and there are added to four figures. We recommend you to play if you are already used to the layout of the buttons!
  • The Mode : True Color

    The originality of this mode is that you must be not only rapid, but attentive. To avoid mistakes, on the screen will be an indication and you must select the correct figure or color.
  • The Mode : Remember

    This mode consists of two steps. The first stage is the familiarization and memorization of figures and in the next step you have to make a choice as soon as possible.
  • The Mode : Slicer

    The figure is divided into small pieces which are mixed randomly. Your goal will be to discover what the figure was broken.


Hologram Reaction

Challenge yourself!

Train your reaction, attention and memory!

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